Bush Creep



My approach to jewelry is always circulating around the relationship between the wearer and the object. Jewelry, like other fields of design, has a function by definition, but I believe that jewelry can be many things. It is undoubtedly connected to tradition, culture, value, affection, gift-exchange, and craftsmanship. But my interest lies where the concept of jewelry is questioned and played with. In my project “Face With a View” my starting point has been to play with the statement that the wearing of a piece of jewelry is a performative act.


In collaboration with performer Lærke Grøntved and cinematographer Jacob Glogowski, I have investigated the face as a platform on which objects are creating compositions and situations. The wearer's face is both the stage, the scenography, but also sometimes the puppeteer. The roles change in accordance with the character of the certain object that takes the stage.


Duration: 6 min

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